About Us

Charlotte Click is comprised of two seasoned professional photographers who blend their unique styles to create breathtaking and intriguing images. Their backgrounds are wide-ranging and they have used their different experiences to develop a style of their own.


Jeffery’s passion for photography came early on in life. Always creative and introspective, he saw the world in frames. He asked for his first camera at ten years old. From then on, he loved the medium.  Jeffery worked in a one hour photo lab through college and started working with black-and-white imagery after taking a college course.  As a hobbyist, he always explored angles, composition, and light. After being asked by a friend to do the photos for her wedding, he started to dabble in portraiture, focusing on soft and subtle candid intimate shots. That is still evident in his current portraits.


From a young age Matt knew that he held a passion for all forms of art. He realized how his imagination and creativity could transport those he shared it with to new worlds. After several years of art classes, Matt decided to take a photography course in college which ultimately changed his life. He is currently a multi-published photographer, who has gained the respect and admiration of the creative community worldwide.